FlexSCADA Q5 And Q5Pro RTUs have become a standard in North America. Part of the exciting growth of this line of equipment has been the fact that from day one of the Q5 roll-out in 2018, there have been well designed and quality constructed accessories to accompany the use of any FlexSCADA RTU. 

Power Distribution boards, Split Power Distribution boards, High Voltage Converters, Amp Current sensors and many other products have come about as we listen to out customers!

The demand for FlexSCADA products, accessories and related sensors has been so strong, we have dedicated a separate website to this unique system and its components. You will now find more information on how to purchase products, an integration library and a video library in one place: www.FlexSCADAfusion.com

There you will find:

FlexSCADA Accessories

FlexSCADA Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Amp Current  Sensors

Wind Speed & Direction

Irradiance Sensors (for measuring  solar power)

Pressure & Flow Sensors

Security devices and dry contact sensors