Mission Critical Energy provides technologies for crucial industries such as communications, defense & security, oil & gas, pipelines and transportation, mining , environmental monitoring, water resource management, meteorology, agriculture, and even smart parking.  Our loyal customers rely on us for off-grid power solutions, power management, SCADA based RTUs and sensors - all enabling important infrastructure for cost effective operations and decisive decision making. Beyond our high quality product lines, our engineers and technicians provide quick and credible customer service, technical support, training and advice.


Mission Critical Energy – Celebrating 20 years in providing off-grid professionals with reliable products and integration strategies for some of the world’s most remote places.

Off-Grid RTUs
FlexSCADA Q5 Pro, FlexSCADA Q5
- Low Power Consumption
- Arctic & Desert Rated
- Made in North America
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FlexSCADA Accessories
FlexSCADA Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Wind Sensors & More
-Made in Canada & Germany

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Off-grid Wind Turbines
SW-350, SW-353, SW-1250
- Arctic & Desert Rated

- Proven Over-speed Control
- Made in Germany
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Remote DC Wind Turbine Stop/Run Control
- Designed for FlexSCADA or any dry contact controller
- 24V and 48V DC output  - Made in USA
3D Sonic Anemometers & Weather Stations
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Marine Solar Panels & Charge Controllers
- Designed for Off-grid,

  Mobile & Marine use.
- Non-Glass! High Output
- Made In Germany
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DC Low Voltage Disconnects
Solar PV Charge Controllers
Combo Solar & Load Controls
Military Specialty DC Controls
- Made in Canada

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Mission Critical Energy Inc.
1801 North French Rd
Getzville , NY 14068 USA

Email: sales@missioncriticalenergy.com

Phone +1-716-276 8465

Hours 9-5, Mon - Fri, EST (GMT -5)

Greg Whittemore - FlexSCADA Technology Engineer
Ben Tomasulo - Sensor Integration Engineer
Mark Dettmer - Off-grid Power Systems, Sales & Support

MCE Headquarters

Additional In stock inventory:
Alaska & Oceania


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April 29 - May 2
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September 24-26, 2024 Booth 6005
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WISPAPALOOZA October 14-17, 2024
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