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It is not an easy world. In our 15 year company history, we have not only helped develop technology that allows small wind turbines to overcome high winds and storms, we have also had to prevail in an industry full of others’ low quality products, their over-reaching claims from under-performing equipment, and wind industry’s bad reputation from ‘hobby wind equipment' installed in commercial settings by misled end users. But the good news is we have partnered with other Off-Grid Professionals to bring you a credible and reliable source for off-grid power equipment, as well as true technical support for your mission critical energy needs.
Your customer's loss of service is not a good monitoring system! TM

Recent & Upcoming Events

Off-Grid Expo 2020

Dec 2nd (tech day), Dec 3rd and 4th Expo

This event will be virtual in 2020.  Go to off-grid-expo.com for more information.  More details will be posted here as they are made available.


Mine Expo International 2021

MINExpo INTERNATIONAL®  Sept 13 - Sept 15  2021 -  Las Vegas Nevada USA.


IWCE 2021

Sept 27 - Sept 30, 2021 in Las Vegas

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