Internet Service Provider Amuri.Net"  (C) 2021 New Zealand.



Internet Service Provider Amuri.Net"  (C) 2021 New Zealand.



Photo Credit : Com Com Ltd. Off-grid Broadband Site near Siska Peak BC, Canada



Tibo Solutions Hudson Bay Canada SW350
Credit:  (C) 2020 Tibo Solutions.  Communications Array on Hudson Bay, Canada


Bringing connectivity to Rural Northern California    

Photo Credit: (C) 2020 Further Reach / DeNovoGroup.Org


Sustina Peak Alaska Microwave Repeater Station adds FlexSCADA
Photo courtesy Marty Snyder


EOLOS-FLS200 Offshore LIDAR Observation Bouy for New York State
Renewable Energy Development Authority
Photo Courtesy Eolos Solutions Spain


New Border Control Sentry Station
[Undisclosed Location] Europe


FlexSCADA on The Job and Undercover! Siska Broadband Station BC Canada
Courtesy Com Com Ltd.



LYKO Trailer (LTE System) - Calgary, Alberta   Canada


SCC Broadband II 2

Broadband Communications South West Ireland
Photo Courtesy SSC Broadband


Tara Ice Night cc

French Research Ship Tara - Ice Bound in the Arctic (2 SW350 Turbines aboard)
Photo credit  - Tara Expeditions 2007



Agnico Eagle Mine's 44m Comm Tower, Nunavut, Canada (2 - 48v SW350s)
Photo credit - Agnico Eagle Mines 2014


Medithau Tarbouriech Oyster Farm France 2015 Tide In-1

Oyster Aquaculture –  France, Patented Artificial Tide,  Photo credit ©2015 – Medithau-Tarbouriech®



Granite Island, in Lake Superior: 350 turbines being installed to help power communications - this island is not accessible from December to April -
but the power need is year round.  (3) SW350s have been working there since 2007
Photo credit -Superior Electric



Granite Island, in Lake Superior: 350 turbine being installed, 70' Up.
Photo credit - Superior Electric



Hütte- Oberaletsch Glacier south side of Bernese Alps - Valais, Switzerland


Winter Broadband site 1

R.E Powered Wireless Broadband Communications Site - Winters California
Photo credit - Brian Horn - WISP Consultant



Winters Broadband Tower (WISP SITE) - Winters, California, USA
Photo credit - Brian Horn - WISP Consultant


Taiwan School with superwind Wind Power  for lighting



Mountaintop Radio & Communications Site - Argentina


MTM5BuoySuperwindTurbine MBARI 2009 cc

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Buoy just before deployment
Photo credit - MBARI



LYKO's Renewable Energy Trailer Deployed at a Mine in Northern Quebec Canada
Photo credit - LYCO.Ca


Superwind La Caniza pc

Security & Fire-Watch Tower powered by a SW350 - La-Caniza, Spain


Freydis 9

Freydis III – Bluewater Ship on the way to Japan – using two SW 350s. Sadly, their former ship Freydis II  was lost (crew was safe)
in the 2013 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan at Fukushima. Look for the book: Alaska – Japan: Die letzte Reise der Freydis II.
Photo credit - Erich Wilts