The need to communicate and the ways to communicate are expanding well beyond the limits of standard utility power grids. Superwind turbines allow our customers to power those crucial ‘off-grid’ communications sites, towers, repeater systems, satellite ground stations and even sub-sea fiber optic cables. Our integration partners can help you design your next off-grid project by determining if a wind turbine is appropriate for the site and power needs, and if so, they can help you to determine the best strategy for implementation. We also have a long list of satisfied customers standing by, should you request references.

Transportation & Rail

Superwind is trusted and recommended equipment on many of the world’s railroads, airports, autobahns and port supply centers. As the world routes more people and cargo to destinations the utility grid cannot reach, superwind will help bridge the gap for sites with consistent wind by generating reliable electrical power. Our completely autonomous and very low maintenance wind turbines are a perfect fit for hard to reach places on busy highways or at distant rail crossings. With proper installation, a Superwind turbine can improve battery bank performance and longevity – cutting costs in both, battery replacement cycles as well as crew time.

Natural Resources Industry: Mining, Oil & Gas

To date, some of our first, long lasting and largest customers have come from the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries. These groups understand the true meaning of terms like off-grid, harsh & remote, reliability and survival. Our Natural Resources Industry clients know that superwind turbines can endure and operate in temperature ranges from -30 degrees C to +40. From blast zone warning siren systems to highly specialized communications systems and even simple lighting – Superwind turbines are a well-established part of many companies’ efficient operations strategy.

Government & Border & Military

For over a decade government, military and law enforcement agencies around the globe have depended on Superwind turbines to meet crucial power needs in the harshest of locations – from the unforgiving marine environment to arctic regions, deserts and mountaintop sites. Whether a fixed installation or rapid deployable mobile site (such as those used during natural disasters) Superwind turbines can be found quietly and reliably generating power for crucial communications and monitoring equipment at remote locations worldwide.

Safety & Security

Superwind turbines have been powering seismic and tsunami detectors as well as lighthouses for well over a decade. In that time we have also powered campus security systems, pipeline sensors systems, automatic gates, and a wide assortment of the world’s audio and video camera & surveillance systems – Fire watch stations and Ski Resort Rescue shelters, for example. We even power remote public ‘safety zone’ lighting and emergency call boxes.

We are also pleased that our equipment has been chosen by many first responders to be part of their specialized equipment for disaster preparedness and disaster relief.

Meteorological Support & Sensors

The world’s weather patterns are shifting dramatically and storm and severe weather prediction is becoming more important than ever. Very often the best weather prediction sources are those with more sensors and communications assets in the most distant or obscure places – meaning mostly ‘off-grid’. On land or at sea, superwind turbines are powering meteorological sensors, weather monitoring and data transmission equipment – and doing so reliably, and despite the weather! Scientists from the Arctic to the deserts have long respected how our wind turbines are built to withstand the harshest environments, and many professionally welcome your inquiry. We are happy to give you references.

Sailing Vessels & Marine Environment

There are very few points on Earth were “grid’ Utility Power is available at sea. And with 71% of the world covered by water, we knew the Superwind turbine must be designed and manufactured to work in this environment – perhaps here more than any other. While our turbines have NOT be constructed to be submarines, they have been extremely marine hardened to include special saltwater corrosion resistant aluminum components, stainless steel axles and drive shaft, water-resistant sealed bearings and both, ring and chemical seal covers and slip ring ports… Ready to go to sea for years at a time!

Today we provide power for tsunami detectors, ATONs, buoys, lighthouses, aquaculture sites, deep sea fiber-optic cables, research vessels and it is no surprise then that smart sailing yacht and trawler owners also took notice of what a superwind could power out at sea. Extremely quiet operation combined with completely autonomous features enable ease of use onboard any vessel.

Sailboat Owners have a special place in superwind’s history and our future. In fact, one of our company founders has been a blue water sailor for decades. While we could write pages on how a superwind is the best choice for most sailing vessels, we would rather talk or write to you in person. This is the best way for us to understand your ship’s needs and the way you sail – to then suggest the best charging strategy, perhaps including our Superwind turbine. We look forward to knowing more about your project. Please feel free to call or write us anytime! With the information, that your intended application is for a sailboat or vehicle, we will offer you a Superwind with a special mast mount bushing for impact sound absorbtion.

An efficient way to even minimize the very low generator humming and to keep it out of your ship.