Remote Turbine Stop Run Control

Small wind turbine survival is one of the biggest design challenges of any brand. Superwind goes a long way to protecting their equipment with their furling blade over-speed system, and for many clients this protection is all they will ever need. However for some sites, additional external control can be a big benefit.

In 2019 Superwind GmbH released a technical bulletin for its Superwind 350 & 353 turbines – adding an extended survival rating of 110 mph if the turbine was turned off before the turbine reached speeds of 90mph.   For commercial customers with harsh and remote site conditions who already use monitoring or SCADA based controllers the possibility to shut off the turbine prior to dangerous operations now exists.

Mission Critical Energy teamed up with Anemoment to design and manufacture an autonomous remote control stop switch for DC output wind turbines such as the Superwind 350 and Superwind 353 series.  This design was also biased to work seamlessly with the FlexSCADA Q5 and FlexSCADA Q5Pro – as well as any other ‘dry contact’ capable remote monitoring system.

The switch can be activated remotely, or via SCADA based information such as wind speed (when a wind speed indicator is part of the system), or by amperage indication. We welcome you to watch the video for more information!                                      MCE-ARS $299 USD