Many of our loyal customers know the value of our technology, and they appreciate our corporate values as well.  It was one of them who suggested we take some of the mystery out of our quiet success, and answer a simple question:  How are we different? 
1. We are not looking for Investors - we are not selling stock. We are a self-sustainable privately owned company, managed by experienced wind industry leaders.
2. We sell fully developed, real-world tested products of the highest quality; this accomplished with no government funding or subsidies.  We do not experiment on our customers.
3. Our Products are made with pride in Germany and the USA

It is also a fact that the founders of both Mission Critical Energy Inc. and Superwind GmbH have decades of experience with renewable energies.  Our two Lea 1250 castcompanies have been working together since 2007 and became joint venture partners in 2008 to successfully co-develop the superwind 1250, and this has been a great partnership.


To date, we not only share thousands of projects and customers world-wide, we also share an important mindset:  Renewable Energy Technology, especially wind power, is only a benefit when useful, affordable and very reliable, even when unattended. By understanding Quality, we can deliver security, performance and self-reliance to our family of customers, vendors, partners and staff worldwide.


Joeseph 350 build

The last point we will make is that we ask our customers to remember that wind turbines work where there is good wind.  This may sound odd, but we would rather talk a customer out of buying a wind turbine than have them disappointed by its output.  That is the difference between companies whose core value is in solving problems with wind power, verses a company just trying to sell you something.  Be assured, there are no commissioned sales people at Superwind or at Mission Critical Energy – only trained staff to help you assess your project honestly, with or without a wind turbine.  We look forward to reviewing your next project with you.


Our Global Management Team:

  • Mark Dettmer – President Mission Critical Energy, Inc.
  • Klaus Krieger – Commercial Managing Director – superwind GmbH
  • Martin van Egeren – Technical Managing Director –superwind GmbH

 Our North American Advisory Board:

  • Eric Saenger – Mission Critical Energy Inc., Board Member – Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Captain Kurt Salchert – Royal Canadian Navy (Ret’d)  - NORAD, Border Security and Arctic
  • Captain Frank Lanier – United States Coast Guard (Ret’d) – Communications & Marine Security
  • David Baroudi – Former President Automated Control Solutions – Director Sales IMT Solar


Mission Critical Energy, Inc and Superwind GmbH are active members in many industry professional organizations including:


Corporate Disclosure:
Mission Critical Energy Inc. is a privately owned USA Company: a New York State Based S-Corporation
superwind GmbH is a Privately owned limited liability German Company, based in Brühl, Germany.
Additional business units of Mission Critical Energy include; IMT Solar (Irradiance Sensors and PV Quality assurance Equipment).





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