Lytton BC, July 21 2018,


FlexSCADA™, a subsidiary of Com Com Services Ltd., manufacturer of the FlexSCADA off-grid SCADA system, is announcing a new joint venture with Mission Critical Energy, Inc. as our master distributor of choice specifically focusing on our Flex Q series off grid SCADA equipment. Through the partnership, Mission Critical will expand the reach of FlexSCADA throughout the United States, Latin America, Oceania and Europe.


Flex Q4The Flex Q series of off-grid monitoring and control equipment has been successfully deployed around the world over the past 7 years, and has started to become a standard for monitoring and automating remote off grid solar, wind and battery powered sites. Our products have garnered an industry wide reputation for reliability under the harshest operating conditions from the freezing cold of the Arctic-Circle to the burning heat of the Middle Eastern desert. Typical applications include monitoring of remote telecommunication sites, oil/gas monitoring and environmental/seismic telemetry stations.


This is a fantastic opportunity for us to reach Mission Critical Energy’s vast network of off-grid professionals who know and trust MCE’s well-known integration strategies and the products they choose to represent. This is also a service to the customers who already know FlexSCADA but are using MCE as their prime supplier for other off grid equipment. Our partnership will allow these customers to simplify their ordering process as a result.


As a design, engineering and manufacturing company we now can focus on the product, new development and continuing high quality technical support as our partner MCE and its distribution chain enable FlexSCADA products to be more accessible and ‘in stock” throughout new markets world-wide,often without the historical delays and fees associated with shipping internationally. MCE has proven outreach and a reputation of high customer satisfaction in its field, and together we can help ensure that customers get the product they need on time and without delay. 


-Jon Mundall, Managing Director