• Supply Voltage Range 7-60V
  • Din Mountable Enclosure
  • Analog Input Impedance 500 Kohm
  • Max Analog Sample Rate 64 KSPS
  • Onboard Logic Full Logic Scripting
  • 5V Regulated Output 0.1% accuracy, hybrid switching and linear
  • Typical Measurement Internet Data Usage – (8 analog channels and 8 relay values), 1 minute sampling interval¬† 2.5 MB
  • Relay Fusing: Yes, Digitally Resettable Programmable smart fuses and redundant physical fusing on each channel
  • Onboard Webserver Security: Excellent (AES256)

Additional Notes

  • Includes extensive testing for the most demanding and mission critical installations
  • Includes calibration / test certificate.