Legendary Surge Protection with
Zero Downtime

ZeroDT utilizes Non-degrading Silicon Avalanche Suppression Diode (SASD) technology to combat induced over voltages in your system. No matter if these events are weather related (lightning) or delivered from brown outs, black outs or grid switching, voltage is voltage. These very brief “spikes” in voltage can cause severe and catastrophic damage to our electronics, which in many cases tend to be the infrastructure of several different processes. This technology possesses several attractive characteristics most surge protection lacks. Silicon Avalanche Suppression Diodes or (SASD) do not degrade with use. They act simply as a voltage controlled switch, turning on/off thousands, even millions of times without losing their original performance.

ZeroDT is he most amazing non-degrading protection available the world has ever seen
• ZeroDT is the edge on everything in Research and Technology
• ZeroDT is also the fastest surge protector powerful enough for 12V, 24 V, 48V and 120V

• While the average time it takes one person to blink an eye, ZeroDT has consistently suppressed over voltages at least 80 MILLION TIMES, responding in less that 5 nanoseconds. That’s faster that lightning
• ZeroDT is small but big enough to protect delicate instrumentation where valuable uptime is guaranteed not to be compromised because of a surge. 


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