The Superwind 353 Turbine shares all the features of our standard turbine package. However, we have added a back bearing assembly along with the new Patented Pending STAR Hub™ over-speed control system.

This turbine is ideal in mid-tower integrations where the danger of falling ice may be present. It is also ideal in areas prone to vandalism (including border security), mine wall blasts, or in areas subject to high crosswinds over 80 knots or extreme turbulence (high slopes, cliffs or mountain tops).

Why a SW 353 Unit? When a Superwind blade is damaged by any means on a standard turbine, the entire blade set should be removed as soon as possible to avoid damaging the turbine. If the Superwind 353 is used instead, the turbine can survive longer periods of operation with damaged blades and may be salvaged once repairs are finally possible. The superwind 353 turbine is the choice for serious mission critical roles where once installed, revisiting the site is impossible for months at a time, and/or where winds are likely to exceed the 100mph survival rating of the SW350. Nature can destroy anything – but this is the toughest Superwind built to survive most of it.

The SW353 version is available in 12v , 24v (28.8v) and 48v. All 353 series turbines include a Stainless Steel Mast Bushing. 12v, 24v and 48V SW353 turbines are also available as kits; with charge controller, safety switch and dump load resister sets included.