Features Flexs Q4 Flexs Q5 Flexs Q5 Pro
Supply Voltage Range 8-36V 7-60V 7-60V
Wifi No Yes Yes
Din Mountable Enclosure No Yes Yes
LTE N/A No Ethernet or NB LTE connectivity options
Analog Input Impedance 25 Kohm 500 Kohm 500 Kohm
Max Analog Sample Rate 8 KSPS 16 KSPS 64 KSPS
Onboard Logic Simple Expressions Full Logic Scripting Full Logic Scripting
5V Regulated Output 1% accuracy, Linear-Regulated 0.1% accuracy, hybrid switching and linear 0.1% accuracy, hybrid switching and linear
SD Card Support Yes No No
Typical Measurement Internet Data Usage – (8 analog channels and 8 relay values), 1 minute sampling interval 22.8 5MB 2.5 MB 2.5 MB
Relay Fusing No, external fuses required No, external fuses required Yes, Digitally Resettable Programmable smart fuses and redundant physical fusing on each channel
Onboard Webserver Security Good (Basic Auth & SHA256) Excellent (AES256) Excellent (AES256)
Additional Notes  

●      Includes extensive testing for the most demanding and mission critical installations

●      Includes calibration / test certificate.